Quick Sheet: SCRIVENER for Genealogists


Only available for the Mac.

Quick Reference Guide / Research Aid
by Lisa Alzo 

Scrivener by Literature and Latte is a popular combination word processor and project management tool that’s affordable and simple to use. This powerful application seamlessly takes you from idea to outline to finished product. Whether you want to start a blog, write a book, prepare a client report, or presentation, or publish a cookbook or society newsletter, Scrivener has you covered.

The Scrivener for Genealogists Quick Sheet gives you all of the basics you need to know to get up and running with Scrivener.  Learn how to start a project, edit, and format your work, and get an overview of the key components of the Scrivener interface, and its four main modes - Outline, Document View, Corkboard, and Scrivenings. Use the listed Quick Command keys to access many of Scrivener’s main functions and project and interface shortcuts right from your keyboard. Additional resources and suggestions for online help are listed for those who wish to explore this program’s more advanced features. The Scrivener Quick Sheet is available for the Mac only and easily fits into a laptop bag or backpack.

• Author: Lisa Alzo
• 4 pages
• Laminated
• Available for the Mac only

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